Spirit Hoops

Watch Nancy and some of her grandsons show her spirit hoops in action. This video was shot and edited by her grandson Alexander.

Spirit hoops
Spirit hoops

Experience the truth of your inner most purpose through the beauty of an intuitive watercolor.

Spirit Hoops are a powerful, unique tool for accessing your Inner Wisdom and for personal growth.

The Spirit Hoop is a swirl of glorious watercolor on the front, and soft hues on the back. Inside each Hoop is a group of 33 beads. When the Hoop is moved the beads create a variety of sound and vibration.

Spirit hoops

Held in both hands on the outside edges, the hypnotic sounds draw you into a sacred space. This can be a time to connect with your Inner Wisdom, your Spirit Guides, receive answers to questions, for honoring the directions, healing work with clients and meridian alignment.

You can use this art object as a ritual tool, for dance, energy healing, chakra clearing and more. You move it, it moves you.

It puts me in a deep meditative state. It helps me focus and the sound is soothing. —Katherine Gregg

Spirit Hoops are available online in the following styles and sizes:

Style / Size Cost*
Single 12″ $60
Single 10″ $50
* Plus $8 Shipping & Handling

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